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Business case: Businessman from Kazakhstan has received approval for an EB-1A visa

— Thank you for agreeing to give an interview for our project! I want to congratulate you on behalf of myself and our entire team on the winning, we are very happy that another participant in the program has been approved.👏 Tell us what visa you applied for.

— Business visa. Even though it's usually considered more difficult to get, I took a chance because I have a great contribution to the business.

— Where did you send the petition, and where was it considered?

— I applied to Nebraska. I stated a total of 6 criteria out of a possible 8 for a business. These were Awards, Associations, Judging, Original contributions significant to the professional field, leading critical role in the organization, image building, and high salaries.

— Which ones were actually counted? Which turned out to be more significant?

— This information was not disclosed by the migration service, but I think that everyone played an important role. Your experts rated my case as very solid. There were about a dozen nationally recognized awards in it, I think that was my main advantage. Also, my contribution to judging added considerable weight when I was involved as an expert to evaluate other representatives of my professional field. And I also showed an original contribution in the professional field, which is of significant importance.

— A really solid case. And how quickly did you get a response from the migration service?

— The case was submitted using premium processing, so everything went quickly, even faster than my expectations. The decision came before the expiration of 15 calendar days. However, the preparation itself took about 6 months, from joining the program to writing a petition. Collecting evidence within the framework of the program took less time because I already had the collected evidence, which was finalized and supplemented by your specialists.

— So you were already partially prepared before joining us? You seemed to have a very serious attitude.

— Yes, moving was my main goal, so before joining the project, I consulted my lawyer friend in advance. And when I came to you, most of the criteria and evidence had already been prepared. And, as I found out later, they have already been worked out following the algorithms that you give under the maintenance program. I have collected evidence for each of the stated criteria and organized them in such a way that they contain exhaustive information.

— Such a case clearly did not give the officers a reason to ask questions. How did our specialists help to finalize it?

— Since I used your maximum tariff plan, the text of the petition, the texts of letters of recommendation, explanatory notes, and the employment plan were completely written by experts, so they were compiled very competently and clearly added weight. Letters of recommendation were agreed upon in the course of work and at the time of delivery of the evidence base they were ready and signed. To prepare the letters, I was asked to provide all the necessary information, so they looked logical and convinced the officer.

— How would you rate the work of our specialists in preparing the petition? Would you have managed it yourself without contacting us?

— Undoubtedly, I myself would not have prepared the entire package with a guarantee that the migration service officer would definitely miss it. Thank you very much for that. The petition described all of the evidence presented clearly, and a lot of work was done on the sources of the wording of section 2 of the petition, which describes the economic value of the occupational field and the overall importance of the U.S. economy.

— What other documents have been prepared?

— An employment plan was prepared, and it was described in several directions. In addition, a letter from an official employer confirming the applicant's intent to be employed if permanently resident in the United States was prepared.

— Can you say something last? Give feedback about our work.

— In general, I liked this professional approach. It is immediately clear that my case was not the first. Every step has been worked out, and it has borne fruit. Now I have an interesting job waiting for me in the US.

— Thank you very much for the excellent feedback about our work. Feedback helps us to show by example how productively and smoothly we take up work. Thank you for the interview and goodbye.

— Goodbye.

Immigration program: EB-1A (extraordinary ability green card)
Specialization: Education - Business
5 criteria: Awards, Media, Scientific articles, Contribution to the industry, Critical role in the company + job offer in the USA = 742 pages.
Premium Processing submission to the Nebraska Center.
Start of work on the case: May 2021
Sending a petition to USCIS: April 22, 2022
USCS Petition Approval: May 16, 2022
The case is registered in NVC: June 2022
Signing of the DS-260 Form: September 2022
IOM Medical Commission: October 2022
Interview at the Embassy (Warsaw): October 2022
Visa issued: November 2022
Entry to the USA: November 2022
Green card delivered by USPS: June 2022
TOTAL: 78 weeks