Last Revised: December 1, 2022
Moovert Chat Group Rules

We provide a free Telegram chat group for customers who use the Moovert Learning Management System, the primary purpose of this group is to support individuals who use our products and services. Everybody who joins our Moovert chat group must follow our rules for behavior and etiquette.

  • Harassment of other members will not be tolerated.
  • No spamming or advertisements.
  • No advertising of other groups unless agreed by Moovert.
  • Profanity will not be tolerated.
  • No solicitation, do not post links to your websites.
  • Posts to educational websites to help members are allowed.
  • Please post in English only.
  • Do not post in ALL CAPS as this is the same as shouting.
  • Maintain respect for all member and their views.
  • Keep messages clear but concise. If you can make your point in one message, don’t send two.
  • No text bombing. Think before you text in a group message. Condense and organize your thoughts rather than sending multiple texts consecutively, otherwise known as text bombing. No one likes ten consecutive text alerts on their phone when just one would suffice.
  • Show respect, compassion, and kindness at all times to your fellow traders.
  • Do not monopolize the chat group, let others talk.


Please be aware of other members sending you a private message offering you an easy path to get a visa with their own strategy, these people are usually always frauds, if you experience this please send us an email and we will investigate and remove their accounts if required.

Competitor Sabotage & Individual Attacks

The following rule is in place to protect the company against constant malicious targeted attacks by competitors or individuals:

  • Any individual who constantly posts negative comments concerning Moovert products or services then the moderators reserve the right to ban the individual from the chat group, please note, that this does not mean we are not open to constructive negative criticism and feedback.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Moovert operates a zero-tolerance policy with regard to the abuse of other service users or staff. This is known as cyberbullying and it occurs online. Personal or targeted insults, threats, obscene comments, and aggressive outbursts directed at other service users or at the staff will not be tolerated. Users who persist in engaging in this way may be banned from Moovert services.

Users who continually breach Moovert Rules, and who do not respond to attempts to guide or moderate posts, may be banned temporarily or permanently depending on the nature of the breach. We will retain information on banned users so that we can attempt to stop them from registering again and we may use their information should the need for further (for example, legal) action arise.

New Group Members

For new members and occasional members, it will be difficult for the admins to distinguish genuine registered customers of Moovert from those who spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) or those who attack the group. We will only get to know you when you engage in active conversation with the community.

If you are a new member and you are attacking Moovert and the community, your attention will be called and possibly will be banned. You must have at least been chatting for one month to find yourself in good standing. Admins check the history of new members whom they find spreading FUD and/or attacking the group.

In accordance with policy and procedure, Moovert staff will delete or edit posts (this is known as “moderation”) that are deemed to be against the purpose of the Chatroom services. Moovert also reserves the right to delete individuals from the group at any time.

Direct Competitors

We reserve the right to block individuals where there is a conflict of interest due to direct competition.

Banned Members

If you are unfortunate enough to get banned from the chat group, please read our main Moovert Rules.