What is the US Immigration Program for EB-1A Professionals?

The EB-1A visa is essentially a US residence permit and is designed for professionals in the sciences, arts, education, business, and sports. This visa is a first preference category. Such specialists are the most in demand in the United States. The US government is interested in attracting talent and issues Green Cards to 82.1% of applicants. This is one of the highest rates among all immigration categories!
Benefits of the EB-1A Program
before other types of immigration to the USA:
  • Reliability of receipt
    Low probability of rejection, provided that the petition is properly executed. According to the results of 2011-2020. 82.1% of applicants received approval. The US needs talented and educated people.
  • Fast clearance
    Unlike other types of immigration, the EB-1A program does not have queues. Short processing times for applications. An immigrant visa can be obtained in 9 months.
  • Freedom of employment
    You do not need a US employer to participate in this program. There are no restrictions on employment or starting your own business.
  • Convenient design
    You can apply for a visa while living in your home country, and the interview can take place at the US Embassy of your country or a neighbouring country.
  • No need for English
    There are no English proficiency requirements for EB-1A participants.
  • Any age
    There are no age restrictions. An applicant can file a petition at any age.
Which EB-1A visa direction did you choose to petition?
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Artistry, actor, director, musician, designer, cook, etc.
Researcher, doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc.
Teacher, trainer, reader, coach, mentor, etc.
Business solutions manager, director, manager, CEO, CFO, CTO, CRO etc.
Professional athlete, etc.
Programmer, application developer, data analyst, software developer, other IT development specialist
Sole proprietor, junior and middle manager