Test Results
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The Employment-Based Immigration program process for people with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics is complex and depends on many factors that are sometimes beyond the applicants' control. In most cases, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' decision to grant permanent residency to an applicant is subjective and sometimes it is difficult to predict the outcome of a petition.

We have considerable experience with EB-1A petitions and can make a very rough guess of the outcome of a case after weighing all the factors involved.
The test you passed is only a preliminary estimate of chances, based on the results of more than 200 cases. The chart below shows the number of cases approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services as a function of the initial results of the test completed by the respondent.

The graph has a margin of error of ± 8%.
Some respondents, who scored less than 30 points after adjusting and fine-tuning their professional careers, were successfully granted a Green Card and moved to the U.S. for permanent residency
The chart shows that the chances of receiving a Green Card increase when the scoring is above 30 points and are significant after 45.

Moovert information project will help you correctly collect your evidence and prepare a winning EB-1A petition on your own, saving up to $10,000 in legal fees.

Our experts in the field of US immigration law will guide you step by step through all the stages of preparing an immigration case, help with the selection of evidence, and draft the document. As a result of completing the support program, you will receive a petition that is ready to send to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is likely to be approved and you will successfully move to the US for permanent residence.

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Join the Telegram channel of the Moovert to receive the most useful and up-to-date information about immigration to the USA